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Worried About Money?

Emily Jun 28, 2010 2 Comments 10,479 views

I’ve recently been getting a lot of letters from people worried about finances. Times are hard right now for all of us and it seems that a lot of people are struggling to make repayments on loans or credit cards.

Worried About Money
Worried About Money? Chat with our agony aunts to get help.

Sometimes it feels easier to ignore things and pretend they will go away but they won’t! All debts can be dealt with but you need to face up to them. There are plenty of free services around with people that can guide you through making payment arrangements or consolidating your debts. People can speak to your creditors on your behalf if you need them to.

If you are in this position please don’t let it feel as if it’s ruining your life and you have nowhere to turn to. Have a live chat with one of our Agony Aunts and they will be able to point you in the right direction. Alternatively download our Agony Aunt iPhone app to chat instantly with our agony aunts.

You’re not alone!!




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  1. When I'll win lottery?

  2. I just appeared in an interview, will I get this job?

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