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Warm And Compassionate Listening, Here For You Today

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Interpersonal and romantic relationships expert

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Experienced counsellor, I love to help others

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10 Aug 2015 11:23

Marion, i don’t know what i would have done without you over the last week, you really sorted my head out!

- Marie

21 Oct 2017 18:15

Lisa is very helpful, she helped me when I was going through bad in life. 

- Daniela

20 Oct 2017 14:00

Lisa is such an awesome lady. She helped me when I was going through rough time after my breakup. Highly recommended. 

- Hristalina

19 Oct 2017 23:20

OMG! Lisa is so amazing. She is a very good listener. She is sympathetic and her advices are so comforting. Thanks to her I was able to move on with my life and I’m a happy person now.

- Joanne

20 Feb 2017 05:26

very helpful advice when going through a tough time. thank you for your honestly and for listening

- Rebecca

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