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110 Responses to “ About ”
  1. I have found so much support from you all here - thank you!

  2. Marion, i don't know what i would have done without you over the last week, you really sorted my head out!

  3. Thank you so much for the advice you gave me Judith. You really helped and i am feeling so much better.

  4. I would just like to say thanks to Carl for all the advice and support he has offered me, it has been good to get another mans view on my problem


  5. hey there. i really need your help. i've just found out that i am 19 weeks pregnant with my ex boyfriends baby. We broke up about 2 weeks ago, due to the fact it wasnt working out. I was devestated and pulled myself together.
    I noticed one day that i had started developing a bump, but i thought i wasnt pregnant as im still having periods. I still took a test yday and it came back positive.
    I dont want to tell my ex as he will go mad. Im so scared, but an abortion is out of the question. Please help me :( xxx

    • Hi there,
      I'm sorry you're having such a hard time but you really need to talk to someone. Why don't you log in so that you can have a private chat with one of the Agony Aunts.
      I think it would really help you.

  6. Hiyaa ive just found im five weeks pregnant by my ex ive all ready told him but im only 17 so i dont know what to do :/ i really need your help because hes on drugs :( Please help

    • Hi,
      Bless you, you must feel very confused right now. Please log in and have a confidential chat with one of the agony aunts. They will be able to talk to you and give you advice and places that may be able to help your ex too.

  7. Hello there-

    I have a problem that I would like to have some advice about. I hope you can help...with thanks

    • Hi there, I'm sure we can help you! Just log in and choose an agony aunt/uncle to talk to and they will talk through your problem with you.

  8. Thank you for talking to me Judith. I felt really alone and stupid but you really talked sense and i feel loads better.
    Thank you

  9. i really need some one to talk to . im so confused and emotional about it all . please help !

    • Hi Lea
      Please come and have a chat with one of the agony aunts or uncle here i feel talking will help you


  10. Hi there,

    I am struggling to come to terms with my sexuality - I think I am gay, I would really like somebody to talk to about this, it is getting me down.

    • Hi Simon
      Dont sit there struggling on your own come and have a chat with the agony aunts, Im sure they can help you feel better in yourself

  11. So damn depresed, no friebds to talk to, pissed off at the world and myself, a holes keep pushin me to the edge an i dont like it. feels like a time bomb bout to go off.........

    • Hi sg
      Come and have a chat with one of the agony aunts or uncle here,even if it is just to get things off your chest

  12. dear agnoy aunt i dont no what to do for the best because i had a best friend he in his 30s and im in my early 20s and we did everything toughter we would meet up and then i split up with my boyfriend then i met the one and i got married he was best man at our wedding everything went fine then couple weeks later he would get jelous of my marriage and he would be nasty about my hubby and would not give him a chance then i had text from my best mate saying i wish u married me not him he never told me how he felt me my best mate fell out few times over this then everything went back to how it was and then he started on my hubby i havent spoken to my best mate for few months now and i dont no what to do people say to me dont give him a chance coss everytime i do he upsets me but he was like family to me and he wont even speak to me now huuby says forget him but he was part of my life for so long i just cant forget him and my best mate have really hurt me and my hubby we getting on with our lives now but mabye my best friend was lonley thats why he did it i just dont no lisa x

    • Hi Lisa
      It sounds like he feels like he is missing your company now you are married.Come and have a chat with the agony aunts they will be able to give you advice about how to deal with this

  13. My friend is very unhappy with her life at the moment and seems to be pushing me away when she can't cope. What can I say to make her feel better?

    • Hi Worried Friend
      It is good that you are standing by her just let her know you are there if she wants to talk.Tell her about Instant Agony Aunt she may be able to open up to a stranger than talk things over with her close friend.

  14. my mum is always picking on me saying how i favour my dad and his girlfriend. she never says these things to my sister though its makeing me very unhappy. i feel like my mum Hates me!.

    • Sorry that you're feeling unhappy. It is difficult when parents split up and find new partners. It must be strange for your mum to know your dad has a new girlfriend and that might be wht she sometimes says these things to you. Try talking to her, tell her that you love her and that dads new girlfriend will never be your 'new' mum! But also explain that you need to get on with her for your dads sake. Just try to remember not to go on about you dads girlfriend in front of your mum too much as this may make her feel that she isn't good enough anymore. I'm sure that will help! Take care

  15. i cant eat in front of my friends and havent been able to for three years, ive recently been making myself throw up after i eat. i feel so fat all the time im constantly thinking about it. help.

  16. i am realy feeling run down with my life right now,but at night i say that i will be ok,but then the next day i struggle again!

    Wat can i do?... Help me!...

    rom Shs

  17. hi, I'm a boy of 18 and for the last few Saturdays have been working from 2-5 at a cafe with a new girl, C. She is 17 and we get on really well- we joke, we laugh and we seem to be pretty similar with surprising similarities (family dynamics). We are both reasonably shy people though. I am really starting to like her but I don't know what to do, I have never been in such a situation before and I don't want to be too foreword or make things incredibly awkward. I don't know how she really feels towards me as, like I said, she is quite reserved and quiet. I'm utterly unsure of what to do.

    • Hi there
      It sounds like you both are beginning to feel comfortable with each other even tho you are both shy,why not ask her what she is doing one weekend and if she isnt doing anything invite her out for a coffee.If you would like help with your shyness come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts im sure they will be able to help

  18. Hey agony aunt i need help!!! I have this friend however her boyfriend bullies me right in front of her. But she doesnt do anything about it. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!

    • Hi

      You need to talk to your friend about this tell her how it makes you feel when her boyfriend does this.If she doesnt do anything about it or have a chat with him to stop then i think you need to find another friend.Come and have a chat with one of the agony aunts/uncle who will help you

  19. I been seeing this guy for two years now, and everything has been great. Then this september I moved to London to go to law school and he is doing a sailing course on the isle of wight. So we have seen each other three times in three months which isn't great but I thought this was ok. Much to my regret I checked his email one day and I found he has been messaging other girls telling them how much he had fancied them (even though one was a lesbian!) and how much he wanted others. I haven't confronted him about the messages as I think it is bad of me to have read them. However I asked him if he wanted anybody else and he said no, just me and made a big deal of how I am the best thing in his life etc. Then a few days ago I checked his phone and he was at it again, messaging girls saying he wishes he was with them. He just always seems to have time for others and not me. I don't know if I am being mad, or crazy. I don't know whether I should confront him about the messages. He is all I think about all the time I am constantly worried, about our relationship. Please help me.

    • Hi Jessica

      I feel you have alot to talk about to your boyfriend,you seem to have alot of doubts about this relationship and need to know where you stand.You have to talk to him about your feelings and you need to own up about looking at his emails as this is just going to keep making you feel bad as you know it is something you shouldnt of done.You need to be open and honest with him and hopefully he will be the same with you.Come and have a chat with one of the agony aunts im sure they can help

  20. hi there :)

    i have a problem , my boyfriend cheated on me for the last 4 months and im still in love with him but i also like someone else and to be honest i dont know what to do as im scared of telling the other guy how i feel and im not going back to ex boyfriend.. what would be the best thing to do.. should i wait a few months before i tell the guy how i feel?

    • Hi Megz

      I feel the best would be for you to wait as this would give you time to think about what it is you truely want in your life and how to move forward to get this.If you tell this boy how you feel now he may think you are on the rebound so just take a little time to yourself and get your mind straight.The agony aunts are always here if you want to discuss this further

  21. Hello steph

    Firstly i feel the trying for another child needs to be put on hold for a while because you both have alot of talking to do.If he is just talking to the other girl at the moment then he isnt cheating but the way you are coming across as tho you dont trust him and feel he may be tempted.You have to sit down with him and tell him that trying for another baby is on hold and then discuss your feelings with him and ask him about the other girl.You have to find out what it is he wants before you try for another child.Please come and have a talk with one of the agony aunts they will be able to discuss this in private with you

  22. I have (mentally) hurt someone very close to me, I got very angry and upset them greatly. They were reduced to tears. I instantly felt extreme guilt when this happened and I still do now. They have forgiven me and laugh about it now but I love them dearly, and they are very close to my heart. I still live in guilt, regret and shame. Please help. I am distraught

    • Hello Oli

      You say they have forgiven you why havent you forgiven yourself? Talk to the person you have upset explain how you are feeling about the situation they can then put your mind at rest.Come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts/uncles they will help you try and move forward with your friend

  23. I recently finished my first term of my first year of college, I am meant to start college for the beginning of the second term today infact. For the past few weeks I have been feeling like I had made a bad decision choosing to attend this college, this time last year I was 100% sure that I had. chosen the perfect course for me. I am really having doubts now! I was aware that there would be alot of written course work however it being a practical course I didn't expect the amount I am being given. I am also eeling guilty in the fact that my Dad has to pay for travel, some. £650 a year! I'm afraid if I drop out my Dad won't forgive me. I am in desperate need of advice, do I drop out? It's the chance of a lifetime this course but it's really not how I expected. Please Help!

    • Hello Lewis

      Thank you for contacting agony aunts, before you start thinking about dropping out talk to one of the tutors at the college and explain how you are feeling I feel they will help you through this.I think you would be surprised at how many people start to feel this way.Also have a chat with your dad be open with him tell him how you feel aslong as he knows you are trying to sort this he will understand.If you feel you cant talk to anyone about this come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts/uncles they will advise which way to move along with this.

  24. Hi,
    Basically my family have made me chose between them and my boyfriend. They are not happy that I'm seeing a boy who is not part of my religion. Iv had to see him in secret for a year now and they found out, now I'm being told to chose. Am I wrong for following my heart and choosing my boyfriend

    Please help

    • Hi

      Thank you for contacting us,you dont say how old you are?.No you arent wrong for following your heart but then you must understand how your parents feel about your religion.Have you tried to talk to your parents about this and told them how you feel?.They may understand more than you think they will.Come and have a chat with one of the aunts/uncles they will be able to advise you some more

  25. The trouble is my job, I have worked in this particularly industry for 10+ years and have worked hard at getting a masters degree in order to become employed as a full-time professional. I am working under a really narcissistic boss who hates me and I'm quite sure she has blocked all attempts at me finding professional appointment by turning everyone else against me. this has made my working life miserable I have been treated differently than anyone else would be and am suffering bullying treatment. This has been bad for my physical and mental health. working in this industry has been a lifelong dream for me that I am going to have to turn my back on, but the trouble is, how on earth do you do that and where do I go from here?

    • Hello Sistermidnight

      Reading what you have written why should you turn your back on a lifelong dream,you know you can do so much more but you are allowing 1 person to stand in your way.You dont have to put up with bullying in the work place come and have a private chat with one of the aunts or uncles who will advise you and what you can do and where to go from here.

  26. Hello, me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years but in a long distance relationship as he lives about 115 mile away from me. Not only is he the love of my life but he is also my best friend. He also has been saying the same and acting the same. We see eachother most weekends and what i thought, were very loved up. However, out of the blue, this weekend he has told me he wants to be alone and doesnt want to be in a relationship with me, even though a day before this he was saying how much he missed and loved me ?! It feels as though my whole world has been torn about and taken away from me at the click of the finger and i didnt even see it coming! What do i do ? Does he really not want to be with me and waste the connection? Should i try and win him back? how? PLEASE HELP!

    • Hello Blue,

      The first thing you need to do is arrange a time and place to meet him face to face you have alot of questions you need to ask him . I feel he will blame the distance between you both but you do need to push for answers because until you have these you arent going to feel that you can move forward.Once you have discussed issues with him then you will be able to think if you need to win him back .Love doesnt just go in a week i feel there are other issues on his mind and that is what you have to ask and find out the reason why? Come and have a private chat with one of the aunts/uncles im sure this will help .

  27. Hi there. I've been in love with someone for ages and I told them this after a while, and found out she doesn't like me back. I've been trying to get over her for ages but I just can't do it. I hardly speak to her and it really upsets me but I get nervous when I do try to talk to her. Please help!

    • Hello Mr D

      It is always hard to accept that someone doesnt love us back but with time you will get over her and meet someone else.Trying to talk to her is just making it harder for you . Come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts they will be able to give you advice on being nervous around her and trying to move on .

  28. When I first met *Sam* I was seeing somebody else *Tom* I slept with Tom and realised that I didn't want anything with him because I was falling for Sam, I didn't tell Sam about what happened with Tom but he found out the next day anyway, and Sam always says even though we weren't together he feels as if I cheated, so this made things complicated for Sam as he had trust issues and I had made myself seem like someone not to be trusted but Sam and I worked through it and started a relationship, we had only been together for about two weeks and on a night out Sam got very drunk and took another girl home, nothing happened between them as I was already at his house and when I saw her I packed all my stuff told him it was over and that I was leaving but he managed to convince me to stay and made the other girl leave. So from the start of our relationship we had both messed up, and given eachother reasons not to trust one another, however we have now been together for 9 months and he says he trusts me now and I try my best to trust him, but I can't seem to get over it, I still get paranoid that he is going to cheat and whenever his phone goes off I think it is her even though I know it isn't, I don't know what to do?

    • Hi

      It sounds like you both need to talk more about this to each other explain how you feel about it be open with him about your feelings ,he may be feeling the same as you do.Come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts/uncle they will be able to help you with these feelings

  29. Hello would like a little advice, I've been seeing this guy forabout just over a week now and when were together we act asif were a proper couple its great, but I don't no how long to wait before he should at least talk about asking me to be his girlfriend cos he hasent mentioned anything like that at all???

    • Hi Lauren

      There isnt a set time for a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend it is a matter of when he feels he is ready for a relationship and the same goes for you.It is good being together because you are both learning about each other and getting closer.Come and have a chat with one of the agony aunts they will be able to give you some advice on this

  30. I want to break up with my boyfriend but im not sure how to do it or what to say. He loves me so much more than i could ever love him so i know its going to break his heart. Whats the best way to do it?

    • Hi Emzy

      If you dont want to be with him then you need to tell him face to face be honest with him it is going to hurt him but if this is how you feel then he needs to know.Come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts they will be able to give you some advice on breaking up

  31. hi, I'm going through a tough time. My mum and dad split up when I moved away for a year and now I'm back in where I originally was. My best friend came and visited me while I was away and we kept in touch but now i'm back she talks to tones of different people and she's friends with lots of people that always take her away from me, I have other friends but she's meant to be my best friend. I want to talk to her about it all but I don't feel supported by her. It's always about hanging with other people. I feel really sad and down sometimes and I really just need someone to talk to. How can I let her know I need someone to be there for me?

    • Hi Rosario

      You have to talk to her about the way you feel,tell her you are there for her but feels like when you want to talk to her she is always with others.Come and have a chat with one of the aunts they will be able to give you lots of advice about how you are feeling and also about how to talk to your best friend

  32. Hello Agony Aunt/Uncle. Recently, my best friend split up with her really nice boyfriend. Feeling guilty, she attempte d to set me and him up. I fell for him, but he told me that he still likes her. My best friend now fancies my brother, and my brother fancies her. But now I feel left out,as they're constantly going out for walks without me, and I've explained how I feel, but my family just thinks I'm jealous, and my best friend feels guilty but I want her to be happy! What can I do?

    • Hello hurt

      You and your best friend need to sit down and talk about how you both feel,you dont want her to feel guilty and she doesnt want you feeling unhappy.Tell her you are happy she is with your brother but you also want to spend time with her aswell with out your brother being there.Come and have a private chat with one of the aunts here they will advise you all they can

  33. Hello I've been seeing a boy for almost 3 weeks now and I've spoken to him about what's happning and he's basically said what's the rush?, the question of sex has also come up now I think I'm ready although I'm insecure about my body I'm prepared to do it when the time is right but I do not want to while we are only seeing eachother I do not want to loose him, what do I do??

    • Hi jade

      You havent told me your age but i feel you have alot of thinking to do before you do anything.3 weeks isnt a long time to get to know someone.Come and have a chat with one of the aunts to help you get things straight in your mind

  34. I'm 32 years and I'm married. Met my wife 12 years ago and we dated twice before getting married. The relationship was harder and the connection was as instant the second time. I think that was down to each having a failed previous relationship so the guard was up. However I have a nice life and me and my wife are a strong team and best of friends would do anything for each other. Unfortunately the chemistry has gone but not enough to ever bother me. 10 months ago I got chatting to a girl in a smokers area in a bar who I who I was instantly attracted to but that's as far as it would normally go. She was different, we got lost in time and 4 hours had past in an instant. We fell in love and I had never been a believer in that. We have strong morals but have slept together. Tried breaking up or walking away but neither of us can do it. The love we share can be overpowering and makes us go a bit crazy. I don't know what to do! I don't want to hurt my wife even though I know we'd survive as friends. This might sound cheesy but I know this girl is the one. She's put her life on hold for me and she also sees me as her one. Is it normal to hate her past and feel jealous? She spent 4 months with a nasty character when she was 19 and puts it down to a mistake but it's tearing me up inside. I've never had these emotions. Help!!

    • Hi James

      It sounds like you have alot of issues going around in your mind.Please come and have a private chat with one of the aunts or uncle you need to talk these issues through

  35. i think i have fallen for someone else i have been goin with a boy now for 8 years we started going when we were younger but i have recently met someone else we have a gd laugh and he gives me butterflies in my stomach everytime i see him i cant stop thinking about him i really dont no what to do and i dont wanna hurt my boyfriend

    • Hi me

      You have alot of thinking to do because someone will get hurt.Come and have a chat with one of the aunts here they will advise you

  36. Im having trouble with some girls who i study with they intimdate me and make me feel so unconfident im wondering how i can over come my self confidence issue and become more confident?
    thank you

    • Hi there

      This is why the girls do it because they know they are getting to you,you need to be more confident in yourself come and have a chat with one of the agony aunts they will give you advice how to do this

  37. i'm 17, i met a girl that i went school with/ no one knew but for two years we held a relationship that was unbelievably grown up we were only 14/15 at the time, we'd fight argue but the point is i was never more happy then when i was with her, i moved school and i still would see her, we'd have physical fights and say things to really get at eachother, it was always us against everyone even when it came to family and i'm so close with my family. we on and off spoke after i moved school but one day i tried talking to her again and she didnt want me i thought she'd always be there i can't remember a time when i haven't been in love like deeply i get butterflies thinking about her and she just wont talk to me now i spoke to her the other day first time in 5 months and she just said she loves someone else she doesnt think about it anymore. she swore she loved me so much, a year and a half since we last kissed and spoke as a couple and i still can't get over her i just wanna feel loved again i don't know how to move on and it hurts so much a year and a half is long enough why can't i get her out of my head? i still have hope one day she'll come back but i know in my heart thats never gonna happen i lost the best thing that ever happened to me ...

    • Hi Ross

      We all remember our first love and find it hard to move forward from,but we do in the end and meet someone we have stronger feelings for.I know it is hard but if she now has feelings for someone else and in a relationship with them then you have to move forward for yourself otherwise it will pull you down.Come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts/uncle they will be able to help

  38. My boyfriend of 2 years who told me he loved me everyday broke up with me a few weeks ago. He said he didn't know why he had but said he was confused. He totally adored me and has fought for me in the past- I just didn't get it. We started meeting again last week, he told me he still loved me and we had sex a few times. Then last night, I had told him I wasn't going out into town but the changed my mind when my friend convinced me to, I then seen him kissing another girl on the dance floor of a bar and when I confronted him he looked at me dis respectively and carried on kissing the girl. The only summery I can think of is, this is his new girl or he is on drugs. (he took them in the past but told me he wouldn't again). I haven't slept or eaten since and just can't get over it. I thought he loved me. How can his feelings change so quick?

    Hoping to heart from you soon,


    • Hello George,

      Reading what you have send in it sounds like he wasnt ready for a serious relationship and that is why he is saying he is feeling confused but that isnt helping you because you thought that this was your soul mate.You both need to talk you have questions you want answers to.Come and have a private chat with one of the aunts/uncle online they will be able to give you some advice and guidance with this

  39. I am a 20 year old male and I've not really had any look with females Ive had a few dates and relationships. But recently I have met this guy who's 26 and I love spending time with him and I started feeling attracted to him and we have recently just kissed and he was fine about it. That's not really the problem the problem lies with my friends and family and I know my mum would be ok with it but my dad deffinatly wouldn't and I'm frighted of telling people in case they look at me differently. Specially as my male cousin has recent "come out" and I heard what people where say about him behind his back. I understand that if my friends can't accept it then they are not true friends. It's just I scared what my dad will do. And also how to tell him. Specially as we don't really have a strong father and son realitionship. My dad is also very old fashioned and doesn't believe it's possible for a guy to love a guy and the same with girls. And I know he will think its a fase and it will pass

    • Hi Alex

      Talk to your mum about it first see how she feels your dad will react with you.You cant live your life hiding away from how you feel.Come and have a chat with one of the agony aunts/uncle they will be able to give you some advice about this

  40. I really really like this guy. Now we are friends. Havent met him in person yet. As I met him on a dating site nearly a year ago. We have spoken of meeting, though haven't gotten around to it. He lives 30 miles away though comes to my town often for University. Though he is who he says he is! I know that for sure. I am 100% sure! I didn't ever expect to like him in that way. Because while I found him attractive and nice I just didn't think of him in that way. Then one day out of the blue I realised I liked him more than a friend. Then I thought he may feel the same way too. Not because I wanted him too its just a vibe I got! Now sometimes we used to text or message now and then, then other times it was just like a brief how are you. Anyways is he playing games? I know his friends take the mick that his replies take 72 hours! So he probably takes ages replying to them. Plus he always does say sorry if they are late! So what do you guys think? His text kisses have increased from 5 to like 13 to 18 he always puts lots of smiles in the texts too. Our conversations in our texts are longer and we text all the time as apposed to once in a while. He will ask me more about what I am doing too and go in more detail. For eg. Will ask what I am up to, if I say cooking, he will ask what I cooked. What do you guys think. I know about safety as well. I have known him for nearly a year. Also I want to make it clear that I like him. Do you reckon if I 'liked' a photo of his on Facebook, that that would be a good idea? Would he know I found him attractive?

    • Hi Anna

      It does sound like he does like you aswell but if you decide to meet please take a friend with you.Come and have a chat with one of the agony aunts they will be able to offer you some advice on this

  41. hey so synpopised, in a long distance with a girl in california, im in uk, met 4 years ago, but have been in contact from then, spent 2 years skyping emailing etc and i went there to visit summer last year, shes been here twice and me another time in total 4 times in a space of a year. recently she changed jobs and has little time to talk,shes 3 weeks in, we have gone down from talking every day til barely at all in last couple weeks even though shes been here for 2 weeks just before, i messaged her a couple times during work and she got pissed off cause it impeded her work, since this she had sent me emails etc saying she not ready for me to move 3 hours away which previously she was cool on, says it now too soon, i dont know whether she stressed on job or what but a big turn around on a couple weeks. we have said the l word to each other recently, she feels it now too soon. we used to msn every day now nothing, can u advice what i can do to maintain a healthy ldr?

    • Hello Sean

      It does sound like her new job is getting to her but maybe she is finding everything is moving to quickly for her aswell.It sounds like you both need to talk.Come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts/uncles they will be able to help you and give you some advice on this

  42. Hi im a 20yr old girl single mum to a 2 year old, I was seeing a guy (diff to my daughters dad) for just over a year when I found out I was pregnant in September, I told him and he told me to get rid and said I didn’t deserve to be the mother of his child. He has a 3yr old himself from a previous relationship who he see’s once a week, however he disliked my daughter and slept with 4 other girls whilst we were seeing eachother although we were not a couple so its not wrong in his eyes, despite all this he now has a new girlfriend and I still care for him and want him, any advice ?

    • Hello louise

      From what you have said you have a lot of thinking to do about your life and this guy.Come and talk to one of the agony aunts in private they can give you some help and advice as to where to go from here

  43. I liked this boy for a while and he doesn't know i exist. Well he sort of does but like not in that way. Today my best friend showed me a comment on a girls name which said 'Ellie - -boys name-<3. I felt like crying even if we never went out it still hurt.

    Dont know what to do :(

  44. Hi Anna It does sound like he does like you aswell but if you decide to meet please take a friend with you.Come ad have a chat with one of the agony aunts they will be able to offer you some advice on this

  45. Hello Sean It does sound like her new job is getting to her but maybe she is finding everything is moving to quickly for her aswell.It sounds like you both need to talk.Come and have a private chat with one of the agony aunts/uncles they will be able to help you and give you some advice on this

  46. Hello louise From what you have said you have a lot of thinking to do about your life and this guy.Come and talk to one of the agony aunts in private they can give you some help and advice as to where to go from here

  47. I'm 19 years old and I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 and a half years now. Two years ago I fell pregnant. I was young and naive and didn't think it would be so bad, I love kids and have always wanted to be a mum, however my boyfriend wasn't on the same page. He said neither of us could raise a child, we didn't have enough money to do so and it would ruin our relationship. I felt like it was a choice between him or our baby. But eventually I guess I saw sense and I got an abortion. Weeks later I started feeling down and I found little excitement in anything, I became depressed, and seeing a therapist and a counsellor made me understand that even though I'd done a brave thing for the sake of my relationship, I felt alone because of what I'd done. I started to be angry with myself and ashamed for having an abortion on an 11 week old foetus and that brought more problems to my relationship. My boyfriend has never understood why having an abortion upset me and he has never tried to comfort me, he has only ever told me "It's over now there's no need to still be thinking about it. What happens when you have a kid when you're ready? Are you still going to be hung up on this one?" Which hurts a hell of a lot. Over the last year my shame has faded away but my wish to have a family has increased. In the last few months I've been overwhelmed by emotions because I want to be a mummy. I'm not trying to follow a trend and just 'have a baby', I want a family. The only job I see myself having is a full-time mum. My boyfriend has no idea about these feelings I have because I was always afraid of what he'd say. He's the only person I want to have a family with,I know he'd be a great dad, but I know he's against having kids for at least five years. Do I tell him how I feel just so he knows where I stand? Do I ask him if he'd like to start a family with me? Or do I leave it and hope that waiting for five years or more to have a family won't be as bad as it seems? I want to be a mummy so badly, help me

  48. im only 15 and i have my wholelife ahead of me but theres something that i cant forget. my first love and i been trying to get rid of it by going on dates. theres this other guy whose really sweet and he is mates with my first love and i think he is interested. who shud i go for they both like me and i dont know who.

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx meharun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  49. While your boyfriend may have good intnntioes, he is not making good on fixing your aunt's car. He needs to pay up or get his insurance company together with your aunt's insurance company.If this had not been a relative, what do you think the victim would have done by now?What has your boyfriend purchased for himself, personally, since he ran into your aunt's car? Has he spent money on beer? Has he spent money on dates? Does he live on rice and beans? What is his plan to pay for her repairs? This will be a good time to assess his character.

  50. i am only 15, i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a week ago, it happened only 4 days after my period though so is there any chance i could be pregnant?

  51. Lately I Broke My NEW iPad...
    I Know That If I Tell My Parents I Will Be In BIG Trouble, It Was An Accident.
    My Parents Are Really Strict Too, I'm Super Scared To Tell Them,
    What Should I Do?

  52. hey my parents are fighting like my mom slapped my dad.what do i do?? please help

  53. h-hello?

    I need yuor help its about this boy I like at school
    i dont know if i do like him but i cant stop thinking about him, when he talks to me (which is rarely) i say stuff qucikly

    how do i talk to him without making a fool of myself, he talks to everyone else but i never have the guts to talk to him myself
    im kinda shy!
    i walk behind him when i walk to class wishing he sees me but he goes off with other people, its like im invisabe
    any advice?
    please help me

  54. My husband had an affair 6 months ago.I decided to forgive him but his betrayal is eating me up everyday.i want to be able to move forward.can somebody please give me some advise on how I can do that. Thankyou.

  55. Am in relationship for five years of which have resulted of a child but the father of my child has been making decisions for me of which am uncomfortable with.'ve been tryin to accept all with utmost faith to no tired of the whole scenario jst dont know wat do pls help

  56. i was in a relationship with a guy i knew in college, he has depression, one minute we were close, he likes to play with my emotions, says he is not ready for relationship, then he puts me down, few times he said don't make me angry and then excepts me to take him back, he may have personality, saw him him hushing in the mirror, i ended it, waiting on a luring text now, does my head in. please help me

  57. guys you know you can talk to childline for help and its free and it doesnt come in your phon bill and abut boys who you like but dont xist be big and bold and go to thm wit bravery and say you like thm

  58. I feel like a waste of space all the time and that if I were to disappear no one would notice or care, I feel like all I do is hurt others so it would be best if wasn't there anymore. I have no one to turn to who would care/listen, what do I do?

  59. I am 27 now and I have no friend anymore. I just don't bother with my old friends as they are pretty much all talking about each others backs and being bitchy towards one and other. One time most turned on me, they said "you think you're so much better than us" basically because I Never join in there bitching. A would bitch about B to me and C, but then bitch to B and me about C. Had been friends with them all since 15. Just couldn't do it anymore. And have been a civil and clean break from them. But I miss having close friends and I'm
    Wondering are they all gonna be the same...I am a very loyal person. Maybe that's whh I was uncomfortable with them being talking bad about each other. Please help...

  60. I am 27 now and I have no friend anymore. I just don't bother with my old friends as they are pretty much all talking about each others backs and being bitchy towards one and other. One time most turned on me, they said "you think you're so much better than us" basically because I Never join in there bitching. A would bitch about B to me and C, but then bitch to B and me about C. Had been friends with them all since 15. Just couldn't do it anymore. And have been a civil and clean break from them. But I miss having some close friends and I'm
    Wondering are they all gonna be the same...I am a very loyal person. Maybe that's whh I was uncomfortable with them being talking bad about each other. Please help...

  61. Please don't judge I am just so confused, I have been happily engaged for a couple of years now and completely adore my fiance, but I am away from home most of the year recently I met someone and we got very close,nothing major happened we just kissed but we did spend most nights together,either at his or at mine and now I can't get him off my mind! I have always looked down on people like myself but I am testing myself in 2,I am completely in love with my fiance but I know I am falling for this other guy!

  62. I really want an acting agent to help me in my career but I'm scared to ask my parents because if they say no, there's no chance of them changing their minds. My friends have got agents and are in agencies. It's not like I want to be famouse, I just want to see if i like it as a career. Please help,I don't know what to say to my parents

  63. I need advice, I really like my friend John. Yeah , that's right a friend. Over march brake we talk 24/7 all night and we got like really into it. He called my beautiful and treated my right. & even one night on December 29th at 12:06 am he told me he loved me. My heart pounded with excitement I was so happy , since I had liked him too. He told me that he wanted to do things right and ask me out in person at school. And that's when things went down hill. He started to act weird and not respond to my messages. He finally admitted the day before my birthday that he didn't want to go out with me & he still liked his ex girlfriend. I was heart broken. He played me hard core. My birthday I stayed in my room the whole time and cried and slept. Well last week we started talking about winder brake. We got into a fight because I said I want pretty . John had said out of the blue that he only said those things as a friend. idk what to do. Is he confuse or just not interested. Please help! -Jess

  64. Hiya, I am currently with someone and I love him but before we were dating his friend showed a lot more interest in me than him. In fact, this guy showed me everything that I wanted in my current boyfriend. The thing is, I had a crush on my boyfriend for a good while and I was a bit torn when his friend told me that he liked me. I was getting to know him and did find that he had feelings for me. This was a problem as I felt that maybe I gave him the wrong impression (though I did occasionally wonder if I liked him back). Anyway, yeah I said yes to my boyfriend and this friend pretty much got rejected by me. Though I did it in the best possible way. I am writing this 4 months later and this guy is with someone else now. I am happy in my relationship but I wonder how much better it could be to be with someone who gave me the right signals when I needed them? Lol it's a long one but please give me your thoughts.

  65. i was in school today and had got sent out of class for talking so i acknowledgeed what i had done so i went. when i had come back in the class i had began to do the work when i had finished writing down what i had to write the rest of the class where are talking amongst themselves, i looked up and seen one of my friends smiling at me so i smiled backed, instantly the teacher told me to "get out" i had asked the teacher "why" he kept telling me to get out and went to grab my belongings and my work to which i ook out of his hand. he kept on continuosly telling me to get out andi had kept telling him that if you tell me what i had done ill go straight out, but he kept shouting at me get out get out this then made me angry so i pushed the table out the way and went towards the door which he was holding open and barged passed him slightly. this then resulted in me getting a 5 day suspension from school, my meeting is tomorrow so i really need help to try and get this lessened at least if not cancelled.

  66. well, for 5 years i've been getting bullied. it got a lot worse when i started high school 7 months ago. within a week of me starting i had rumors about me going around the school saying i'm a slag, that i do stuff with boys for money and stuff (which is so pathetic). But when no body was my friend i started cutting myself and felt the need to try and kill myself. i was then in hospital because i overdosed and when i came back to school, nobody would talk to me and i felt like i had no-one. about 2 months ago i had a big fight with the main bully, which got videoed and was sent all over my area to every body in at least 5 schools. then a girl from my primary felt the need to fight me and she had her whole gang with her, i didn't fight them which made it worst. i've left that school because the bullying was too much, and the cutting has become a regular thing. i need some advice on how to cope with it all. i really find it hard to listen to my 'friends'. some say its fine that it just reduces pain but i'm scared that soon i'll seriously harm myself...

  67. I have been feeling constantly depressed for about 6 years. I've never known why but I don't seem to be able to move on with my life once something has hurt me. I can still feel my heavy broken heart of my boyfriend having to move away 4 years ago as if it's just happened. However I was unhappy during our relationship and before because my nan died. I have been feeling that I'm practically dying from my broken heart for the last year or so. Could this be something to do with my asperges or is there something else wrong with me?

  68. I need help. I miss my ex boyfriend loads, but the main problem is he hates me for something I did. I've learnt from my mistakes and I don't know what to do. Me and him when we dated were perfect together but now it feels like I can't do anything.

  69. I hate everything at the moment , one of my so called best friends who's a boy is treating me horribly but i forgive him every time , I don't k ow why , I'm just a walkover to everyone please help me on what to do

  70. my partner has recently been to court about getting his 2 girls and ever since he's been really stressed and tired, I know the reasons for that though but with all the over time he's doing at work he'll make himself worse and with him being at court it has made us a little distant too and I think we need some quality time together but he just wants to work all the time and he thinks i'm trying to pick a fight when I ask something what do I do?

  71. How long does it take to get a reply?

  72. I am the only one in my class who is flat on the chest all my friends r talking about bras and im worried help me please

  73. me and my boyfriend had a row and we are not talking because he thinks i'm stalking him but all of his friends don't like me but some of them do and they're saying i'm not what should i do please help???

  74. Hi,I have a problem and it really upsets me. I was talking to a guy friend for awhile. Everything was going great and we flirted thing he was gone! I have mailed him a lot of times asking him did I do anything wrong and he will not answer.he answered after a month saying 'give me your number and il ring u some time be a lot easier than mailing him. I picked that up as a fob off! I'm really upset and I really wish I wud stop mailing him but can't help it. What do I do?

  75. Hi,
    I started a new job 8 months ago, in that time I have worked closely with my boss. I really like her she is friendly, funny and really smart. We have a lot in common. I am terrible at telling if a girl likes me or not.

    I know she is single but I don't know if she likes me that way or not. As it is a working relationship I don't want to ruin that either and I like having as a friend as well. I'm in my early 30s and she is a few years older but not a big difference.

    Any suggestions on what to do or how to have a better idea if she likes me.


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