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Instant and Confidential Advice

Talk to a real person on web or on phone

You can now talk to one of our online Agony Aunts whenever and wherever you are using our new iPhone and Android app

Instant Agony Aunts iPhone App

Instant Agony Aunts App lets you chat with a real agony aunt when you need help.  Our team are caring and supportive at all times. We welcome you to discuss in confidence, all issues that may be affecting your life. 

Our aim is to bring out the answers that will ultimately bring a healing process to you and change your life for the better. We offer support to you in a natural caring approach which is always non-judgmental, regardless of the issue. We offer a fast emphatic service from your point of view which is on your level. 

It's supported on all iPhone models from iPhone 4 onwards and iOS 7.0 or later.

Choose your favourite agony aunt from the list

You can instantly chat to your favourite agony aunt. You can send message if agony aunt is busy. You will get notification as soon as agony aunt replies to your message. It's just like your iPhone messages. It's always on.

Instant and confidential advice when you need

Feeling need to talk to someone? We are right here. Instant Agony Aunt app instantly connects you to a real person who will listen to you and provide help. It's all confidential.

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You are read agony aunt's testimonials and also write testimonial.

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