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I'm caring listener with experience of helping you with your issues. I've been helping people for over 20 years. I'm able to make you feel very comfortable and nothing is too big a problem for me.  With much experience in many life problems I'm to understand and relate to your issues quickly and efficiently. Whatever your issues are I'm here to help you. Don't hesitate, talk to me know for your issues.

Lisa's Testimonials

17 Feb 2023 21:12

Lisa was a truly amazing help to me. I was in a very difficult for me to understand relation dynamic situation, and Lisa used her experience, reasoning skills and kindness and empathy to work through it with me. I would highly recommend Lisa, as she can help turn what seems to at first be a hopeless situation, into a hopeful situation. Thank you Lisa very much.

- Cliff

13 May 2018 12:22

Lisa listens and gives such well though advice that makes sense. Thanks Lisa

- Sam P

21 Oct 2017 20:15

Lisa is very helpful, she helped me when I was going through bad in life. 

- Daniela

20 Oct 2017 16:00

Lisa is such an awesome lady. She helped me when I was going through rough time after my breakup. Highly recommended. 

- Hristalina

20 Oct 2017 01:20

OMG! Lisa is so amazing. She is a very good listener. She is sympathetic and her advices are so comforting. Thanks to her I was able to move on with my life and I’m a happy person now.

- Joanne

08 Oct 2015 06:06

Empathic and understanding. Always there when you need to chat. Nothing is too much trouble for her. 

- Katy

08 Oct 2015 06:06

Thank you so much for listening to me. You will never know how much you have helped me.

- Chloe

08 Oct 2015 06:05

A wonderful friend when you need to be heard.

- Kelly

08 Oct 2015 06:05

Lisa has always been a great support. My marriage has been having troubles and Lisa has helped me to change the way I think.

- Gemma

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