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The Issue With Relationship Problems

Emily May 3, 2013 1 Comment 4,330 views

relationship prob

We will all encounter relationship issues within your lives, these can span from civil partnerships marriage or just cohabiting partners, bringing much happiness and comfort for most part of the time. When things are good between us all they are delightful, but when they are not so stable what then? We all have our day’s when we feel no one is listening or they may be taking advantage of us and if the communication is not as it could be this can backfire and lead us all into a relationship battle, often leading to the end of a relationship.

So, I hear you ask, what do I do about it? You have spoken to friends and family and no one seems to understand it, you will be ok they say, you deserve so much better, end the relationship or leave them, they do not respect you, they can’t treat you that way if they love you! The thing is you don’t want to have that conversation all you want is to talk and be listened to about how your feeling, and what to do next.

Getting the right support and help with your emotions at this time can be a struggle as the last thing you want is for your loved ones to turn against your lover just because you are both going through a hard patch. What if you get back together or sort through the issue and they do not respect or like your lover anymore, this can cause even more upset to the relationship you are trying to save!

So what do I do now you ask yourself? Many of us turn to the internet looking for answers and there are many choices. Some turn to psychic reading. Others will look for an agony aunt to talk to, both of which can help guide you in the right direction.

Of course both are different one allows you to talk to a person who is not involved and does not know any of you personally and so is a good choice for venting your frustration and dissatisfaction in your relationship or break up. Just talking to an agony aunt can allow you to get it all out without fear of your ex or partner knowing just how low or angry you feel. They can also offer a gentle guidance into how to steer the relationship back into a positive direction.

Now on the other hand some like the psychic reading route. This allows them to talk to someone who can tell them what may happen and how things will pan out, giving them a sense of direction in their life and showing things that you may not have seen before, both are different and both can help with getting to the route of the issue and offer ways to gain a positive outcome to the very negative feeing’s associated with relationship issues. Not to mention the feelings and frustrations that go with them daily in all our lives.


One Response to “ The Issue With Relationship Problems ”
  1. Hi there I'm having a lot of trouble with my relationship atm me and my girlfriend got togetger just before Christmas after just meeting each over she broke of with me news years day as heartbroken as I was I kept fighting for us and several weeks later we got bk together only to find out on the Thursday just gone that during our brake up she got with some other lad then broke of with him for me and this has messed with my head so much as I see her as being very secretive allthough she says she isn't she doesn't talk to me a lot about her past or anything and she won't open up to me however she says she loves me and wants me the this she won't allow the 2 of us to be a couple on facebook at she says she doesn't feel ready yet she tells everyone I'm her boyfriend she says she has told the other lad about me however I'm unsure and it's killing me inside and making me really ill what shall I do thank you for your time.. I'm 19 btw

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