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Someone To Talk To

Emily Apr 27, 2013 2 Comments 4,245 views

What are the main benefits of having someone to talk to and listen to your worries?

Some One To Talk To
Talk to a agony aunt to solve your problems

There are a number of benefits of having someone to vent your problems or things that are playing on your mind to. Not sharing these sometimes frustrating or emotional problems can lead to you feeling trapped or misunderstood and incredibly frustrated and angry! This can lead to more mistakes or people doing things they may regret and no one should have to feel this way or be put in this position. This is why having someone to go to is imperative in life.

We all have issues that we have to face during our lifetime, some are more challenging than others and some we feel we cannot share with our closest friends and family for a number of reasons, whether it be for fear of judgement or that these people will not understand how we feel.

Our closest friends and family mean a lot to us and no one likes to feel they have let them down or they will think badly of us. This being said we all need a non-judgemental ear to listen when we feel at our wits end. Just by having someone there to listen to you and help guide you can give you the care you need to stop you feeling this way and uplift you a little so you can see things more clearly. The aim is to help you with your situation and try to make you feel a little better about things no matter how bad they may seem.

So how can you go about things or who can you turn to when you feel there is no one else to listen or talk to? Some people get so lonely or lost they feel they are losing their minds and seek professional help when most of the time all they need is someone to understand and be there for them. This is where an agony aunt can here help you . They provide a service to you using caring non-judgemental agony aunts and uncles to bring you that listening ear that you need to see you through some of life’s most hardest times. Where do you start I hear you ask ? There are so many out there that claim to be experienced in this area and this can cause much confusion.

An agony aunt should provide a confidential service where you and your problems will be listened to and treated with respect and dignity no matter what it is . They are there to help you and provide a listening ear to help you unload all of the frustration of your issues and get things into a perspective that can help you . An agony aunt service should be friendly, easy to access and available when you need them most. A professional agony aunt service provides you with someone to talk to and gives you the confidential support and listening that you require no matter how big or small your problem may seem.


2 Responses to “ Someone To Talk To ”
  1. Looking for advise.
    Be warned its a long story! But I need help
    . I'm the youngest of 3 and me and my sis always got on from 13 onwards, at 18 I was left friendless and lost as I found out my 'best friends' were on hard core drugs and I told them ware to go! My sister was amazing and invited all her friends to my birthday and let me into the group. And I hit it off massively and now I would call them my best friends too (as would my boyfriend) I now even work with one of the girls, so spend most my time with her, but my sisters boyfriend moved to Lincoln and she's up there every weekend and misses out on everything (she is invited) but me and my boyfriend can go so we do. I no she feels left out and pushed out and I feel awful, but I really feel like she can't stand me now, and it's my fault, there's such a wedge now, I no nothing about her and its been brewing for about a year!
    It's got to the point that when she moved out she didn't even invite me to her house warming party , but I've been invited to one of the girls boyfriends 30th birthday party (abroad for a week) I don't think I can go , without losing my sister for good, but I also feel ill be upsetting the lads who's 30 and my boyfriend from banning him over MY sister.
    I have tried to connect with her again by inviting her to dinner, shopping and cooking for her.
    I can understand how she feels replaces by her little sister must be awful,
    But I only wanted to Join in and now anythnk I do seems to affend her!?
    Any ideas ?

  2. I fell out with a running friend 8 months ago. I am married she is I liked her more than she liked me but when I flirted with her she did not encourage me but also she did not stop me as we'll.I said I fancy her and would not taik to me after that .imanaged to have a quick word at her house but her husband got to no and after that I could not contact her after that.i have her number and am going mad just wanting to ring her but I am frightened she won't like don't ring easy, no gecaise every day I think about it more and more, what can I do, easy to say get over it and move on,but if your brain won't let you it is hard work please can you help me

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