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Teenage Problems? Get Instant Advice with Agony Aunt App

Emily Mar 9, 2015 1 Comment 8,465 views

We all know that when it comes to those teenage years it is a very hard time both psychically and emotionally, the stress of education, careers, friendship, family and love lives can make your head spin with all sorts of questions.


Help for Teens: Agony Aunt App

Help for Teens: Agony Aunt App

Who am I? What do I want to do? Am I good at what I do? the list is endless! Not to mention hormones constantly running riot this is a very important transition where mistakes are made and you often feel hopeless lost and frustrated.

It is often hard to open up with some of the darker feelings that are lingering within, well fear not as for all those questions you don't want anyone to know you asked Agony Aunt can help you through. Here at Agony Aunt the most controversial of questions will not be frowned upon or judged but listened to and advice given in a secure and understanding private environment.

We all need someone that will listen without judgement no matter how trivial the question may be, we all have days in our lives especially when we are young adults that we need to seek counsel for. Being a teenager is not easy the constant pressure to fit in with the social expectations of what we should look like to the peer pressure of wanting to fit it, is it any wonder your screening from the inside.

These years in our lives are the most important for confidence growth and maturing into an adult. So is it any wonder that with hormones running high causing weight gain, spots , and alien feelings we start to feel so lost and need someone to say hey its ok your perfectly normal! Going through teenage years is the hardest part of life set with many controversial challenges and no one expects you to be perfect, though speaking up to your parents about your sexual desires and feelings can be a tad embarrasing. Even talking to your friends about what your unhappy about is hard through fear of rejection for example I don't want to smoke but if I say no they might now want me to be friends with them anymore. Sound familiar well trust me it is a common issue for teenagers and young adults to do things we do not want to do through fear we will be outcast.

Being part of a group is a primal need for humans so standing your ground and not fitting in with a particular group is a big challenge and much strength is needed as well as good advice and listening. It is all well standing your ground but what happiness when your freinds or social groups reject you, what then I hear you ask. Well this is where our app can help lead you into a better direction with understanding and advice there is no reason for you to bottle things up and be alone in these times of crisis we are here to help.

There is no shame in accepting who you are the key is having someone to listen and guide you to that place. No matter if it is bullies,education, sexual questions, or self image don't be afraid to reach out for advice you may find it might just work in getting through the dark times and leading you into a much more positive place taking the weight off your shoulders and making clearer decisions.

So whatever the issue we are here at Agony Aunt to help you through with caring, honest, non judgmental advice.

Agony Aunt app is now available on Android as well. Click here to download and instantly connect to an Agony Aunt.


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  1. Just download the app and couldn't believe that I could connect to someone when I needed help. thanks for useful advice.

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