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Relationship Problems? Help Is On The Way

Mia Mar 5, 2015 1 Comment 4,834 views

Broken up with someone? Relationship on the rocks? Communication breakdown? Suspect lies and cheating? We have all been through similar situations where we feel a lot of doubt and tense emotions with love and relationships, even friendships or blossoming romances can hit turbulent times. So you are not alone, is it any wonder you are sat there right now feeling lost and confused, sad and rejected or even lonely.

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Are you feeling low? trapped and unable to open up to anyone about how your feeling. This often happens when we feel judged by family and friends about choosing the wrong love interest. The fear that your family or friends will say I told you so can prevent us from talking about our feelings and finding a way to move forward and get advice.

Here at Agony Aunt we can give you that confidential instant advice and support, helping you though the hard times and how you are feeling. Through talking to us we can point you in the right direction and help make the right decision for you right now!

No one should have to face their problems alone, our app can be with you all the time with advice and a listening ear at all times with no judgement. We here at Agony Aunt are waiting to give you the support and guidance needed to sort your troubles or even get light on a subject taking the weight off your mind.

Don't sit there struggling with your issues and feeling download our app right now for instant support and guidance. Our service is always confidential and non- judgmental.

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One Response to “ Relationship Problems? Help Is On The Way ”
  1. Hello, please help!

    I moved to Aus November 2013 with my girlfriend, she turned 21 yesterday and I am 24 soon. We had been together 4 years but broke up in April. We had been growing apart and we were not happy. She initially said she wanted a break but in the heat of the moment I said no, its over. The day after we met to talk some more and I literally begged for her back. She told me she needed time to be single and do her own thing.

    Since then I left Perth for Cairns and have been travelling. We kept in touch but it always ended the same, me angry that she wouldn't give it another chance or make an effort.

    I had begun moving on and hadn't contacted her in weeks but with her 21st I got in touch and we chatted a while. She has a big party with family & friends and she found it all very emotional me being absent.

    It is just so stupid as I know there is so much I want to do but I don't want to lose her for good. I thought we were soul mates but we lost sight of each other for a little while.

    It might be important to mention that for my visa requirements we took out a joint bank account and shared everything which caused tension. It felt like too much too young even for me.

    I do really miss her ad know I could be happy with her again.

    I have to go home mid October and do not know whether too go to Perth to see her or not. As you can imagine I have lots of possessions there that I need to sort through and pack to send home so i know the responsible thing to do is return but what if it makes it ten times harder all over again?

    She has told me it is just something she needs to do and she knows 'she will wake up and regret it soon enough'. I would like nothing more then her to put her hands up and say I was wrong but I don't want to hold my breath anymore.

    What the hell do I do??

    I still love her, its just we had got lazy and felt trapped. I know being both of our first relationship and breakup that we have learnt from it. It gives me the fire in my belly to make it work but she is afraid to go through all this pain again.

    It had got a lot easier but her birthday has knocked me for six again.

    Please help me and tell me something besides the 'forget that bitch' that I keep hearing.

    Thank you so much,

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