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I’ll Be There For You (Friends)

Emily May 5, 2013 No Comment 4,239 views


We all know that famous song from the very successful nineties TV show friends right! And I am pretty sure we all craved that close bond the group shared, from disaster to the happiest moments they always stood by each other and gave support. This is probably the thing we all want in our friendships.

Finding a good friend that is on your wavelength and shares your ideas and views is not as easy as one would think, and it becomes so disappointing when they often let you down or prove to be a nightmare. This is when we start to become low or our self-esteem can become distorted to the point we feel confused about who we are, what we did wrong to make them turn this way, what we did to attract them in the first place; it all becomes a muddle leading to loneliness and depression.

The fact is we all need human interaction with other living beings. This becomes so hard when we feel rejected or let down, leading to us pushing people away or becoming so introverted we do not know how to communicate with other’s anymore. Of course this often leads to more feelings of self-doubt and loneliness, making us reluctant to go back out and put ourselves in that position again so we can’t be let down or hurt. However most of us can think of one person at least that is a good friend to us, though sharing our darkest moments is not something we feel can be shared even with them. why is it that we cannot share things with them even as close as we are to this person?

Most of the time it is through fear they will not like what we have done or what we have to say and so we just keep it to ourselves. This is where having someone to talk it over helps. Agony aunt websites are brilliant for that confidential support when we need it as they do not know who we are. Having someone who you do not know personally to talk over your issues with is a safe confidential way to get it off your chest without involving your friendships. Not to mention involving the friend that you love with all your heart and would do anything for though they bug the hell out of you! So having someone to vent all this too without upsetting your friend and jeopardizing the relationship is brilliant! Agony aunt to the rescue, phew!

We all love having friends it is something we need in our lives and for those who do not have many, things can be very lonely, some of us go for a dog in our lives when we feel that humans are not really our thing; this can be for many reasons. Some of us are just animal lovers. For these people canine companions are a god send. Man’s best friend is not just a myth take it from me. Myself and my husband have just got the most adorable puppy he is nine weeks old and full of love and life!

Jennifer L Doswell


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