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Teenage Love Problems? Talk To Agony Aunt

Mia Apr 16, 2015 No Comment 7,958 views

As we get older the word love and how we see love takes a different turn, as you become a young adult many changes start to take place love is a big part of that.

Teenage Love Problems? Agony Aunt App to Rescue

Teenage Love Problems? Agony Aunt App to Rescue

But what is it that really starts to go on? Well as we develop into adults our hormones start to change and mature bringing with them lots of emotions and changes, some of which are hard to get your head round . The boy you grew up with and didn't really care about all of a sudden takes on a whole new interest! You will start to see boys as very different from silly and annoying, to someone you really start to feel attracted to and want to be around more. Same goes for you boys, annoying girls even though most of the time will still be annoying will suddenly be the focus of your interests.

Often things become confusing for some as the struggle with being attracted to the same sex, never the less the feelings are the same. Often many teenagers will become a little confused about feelings regarding love and lust and crushes can seem very intense, making unrequited love an issue. Many times these start out with movie, tv or pop stars, but often these can develop for peers and friends sometimes even friends older siblings.

This vital time in a teenagers life where love and emotions become more intense and we start to really understand our feelings and what we are attracted to in a partner, causing a lot of confusion and question about love and relationships. Here at agony aunt our app is a secure place where you can talk about your feelings and ask questions about love without feeling embarrassed with our app. Many times you do hear stories about teenagers falling in love and spending the rest of their together, though this is a very rare things and many a time teenage relationship do not last.

As we get older and start to really understand our likes, dislikes and wants relationships will clash or simply just drift apart, though this does not take away the experience and love you will feel in your first relationship. Many adults will smile and say "they are in the puppy love stage" and though they may not be trying to be offensive many teenagers in love will become quite angry at this comment, as though their feelings are not being taken seriously.

This is not true at all it is just most adults have gone through this stage and understand that teenage love usually dies out or you may be in another relationship soon enough. That is not to say your relationship is not strong enough to last or your feelings as teenage lovers are not as relevant as adult relationship, it is merely that teenagers are much more free to find what they want and like and will usually act upon feeling bad in a relationship much more bravely that an adult would. Either way this special time in your life is one where you can have fun, and really experiment and find out what you want when it comes to a future partner and settle down.

Here at agony aunt our app allows you to ask weather questions you have in the safety of your own privacy, without worrying anyone will find out about what you are confused about or if someone really does have feelings for you. So why not ask an agony aunt about things instead of sitting there confused about your own feelings or that of another towards you even.


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