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Feeling Depressed? Get Instant Help on Our Agony Aunt App

Mia Mar 19, 2015 No Comment 5,933 views

Depression and anxiety can be a challenging mental illness to cope with, though not everyone will suffer with extreme feelings of depression and anxiety we all can certainly have times when we are feeling low and lost. Times when we don't know what to do and a sense of confusion and not knowing what to do next can be overwhelming.


Depressed? Get instant help on Agony Aunt App

Depressed? Get instant help on Agony Aunt App

Here at instant agony aunt we can help you through whatever is on your mind our agony aunt app is a confidential way to express your feelings of self doubt or fear in a private safe environment. It can be hard to reach out and talk about what is going on inside when your feeling low or self critical, feelings that no one will understand or that your fears and feelings will not be taken seriously can prevent us from reaching out for the help and support we so desperately need.

It is all too common for the same repetitive thoughts to go around in our minds causing us stress and low self esteem, those nagging thoughts of 'Why am I not like everyone else' 'Why can't I just pull myself out of this and be happy' are very common with people suffering with these types of feelings. It is not easy to just get on with things or pull yourself out of it when your mind is like a constant roundabout of fears and self doubt. Here at agony aunt e have developed an app that can be used for you to talk about whats on your mind without having someone telling you to just get on with it.

With our app you will get advice and listening from a real person that can empathize with how your feeling and help you to see the best way forward to tackle such feelings and manage your thoughts. Many people will suffer in silence with depression and anxiety too ashamed to reach out for help but you don't have to suffer alone with our app you can have the gentle understanding and help you need.

Here at agony aunt we understand how hard it can be when you feel lost, alone, scared or confused and our aim is to help and support in the best way we can. By downloading our agony aunt app today allow yourself the support and help you need we are here to listen.

Agony Aunt app is now available on Android as well. Click here to download and instantly connect to an Agony Aunt.


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